Vastu Expert Basannt R Rasiwasia Hints To Be a Part Of Bigg Boss 10

Famous Vastu Expert Basannt R Rasiwasia might be a part of Bigg Boss Season 10. In the latest interaction with Ex-Bigg Boss Contestant and RJ Pritam Singh, he has given a hint about it.
basantWell, Basanntji aka Basannt R Rasiwasia hails from an aristocratic family. He is a renowned Vastu Expert who has given vastu advice to famous personalities, well-known industrialists, builders, business houses for over a decade.

As we know, this time there is a big change in the rules of ‘Bigg Boss’. The common public is allowed in this year ‘Bigg Boss’ Season 10, which will surely make this so a lot more entertaining. Now adding to the buzz of Bigg Boss contestant list, I think Basannt R Rasiwasia has been finalised!

The show will be hosted by Dabangg Salman Khan, who has continuously hosted this show from the season 4. We also heard that the first guest of the show will be none other that Hollywood star Vin Diesel and Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone. As Deepika is working in a Hollywood flick along with Vin in ‘XXX: The Return Of Xander Cage’.
Overall, Vastu Expert Basannt R Rasiwasia entry surely gives us a sign that this year’s show will be fully diverse, which means that even a common man will become a star on this show.

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