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A fairness cream ad starring Emraan Hashmi will make you go ROFL!

No matter how unethical it is to endorse a fairness product brand, our celebrities have been doing it. Surprisingly, these celebrities are some of the most well-known figures of Bollywood, and the list goes really long. Recently, we heard about Kangana Ranaut refusing to endorse a fairness cream due to ethical reasons. Well, it is definitely the time to get out of the thought that a dark complexion is the only thing which acts as an obstacle between you and your success.

The ‘MEGLOW’ fairness cream ad starring Emraan Hashmi which came out recently was expected to be something new in the clan of similar commercials. The ad talks about the same concept in its first half, where the message is that it is not necessary to be fair in order to get a job. But suddenly, the advertisement will tell the audience that though not in the case of a job, but it is necessary to be fair if you want to empress a girl. So how weird is that?

The advertisement seems to be really impressive and the audience think that we have finally risen above the concept ‘Necessity of being Fair’ in order to be successful, get a job, get a boyfriend or girlfriend or get married and gain confidence, the ad acts as a complete spoiler at the end. The twist just makes the audience drop their jaws with surprise and shock.

When we see Emran Hashmi telling the make protagonist that qualifications are necessary to get a job and your skin tone does not matter, we feel that Kangana’s gangster co-star Emraan is also following her ethics, but the bubble is burst right after that.

The advertisement is nothing but a topic on which many trolls and Memes are on their way.

Watch the ad below:





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