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Mallika Sherawat EVICTED From Paris Apartment Over UNPAID Rs 64 Lakh Rent

While reports from France’s agencies say clearly that Mallika Sherawat and her French boyfriend, Cyrille Aouxenfans, are kicked out of their plush Paris apartment, the actress maintains that she has no house in the city. Neither has she rented one. Read on to know the whole story…

On December 14, news broke out all across social media that a French court has ordered Mallika Sherawat and her French boyfriend, Cyrille Auxenfans, to pay the rent of their Paris apartment. The amount was to the tune of 78, 787 Euros (Rs 64 Lakh). Now, a new development in the matter says that the government has gone ahead and asked the furniture to be seized.

The couple began renting the apartment on January 1, 2017, for a monthly sum of 6,054 euros (about Rs 48,000). However, the landlord said that the couple never paid the rent, making only a single payment of 2,715 euros. Thereby the matter was dragged to court.

Even in December, Mallika denied the whole matter by saying, “Some in the media think I hv an apartment in Paris !! It’s absolutely Not True, if someone has donated one to me, pls send me the address πŸ™‚

And she is sticking to her claims even now. “I hv said it before & I am saying it again, I DO NOT OWN or RENT any apt in Paris!! I have been in Los Angeles & India since last 8 months, I DO NOT live in Paris,pls do not spread false rumours !

However, the one link that doesn’t fit into the whole scheme of things is that the couple’s lawyer was quoted last month as saying that they didn’t pay rent to “show their annoyance” after they were tear-gassed and beaten up by three masked men in their Paris apartment block in November 2016. He had also said that Mallika and Cyrille were facing “temporary financial difficulties”.

However, their landlord’s lawyer, Olivier Mayrand told Francetvinfo that the couple could easily afford to pay the rent.

The French court’s current ruling says that the couple can appeal against the order. They have time till March 31 this year, when a moratorium on wintertime evictions expires.

The apartment in discussion is a 350sq-m one that sits in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, which is the one of the most favored places of residence for the city’s most affluent. It’s stone’s throw away from the Eiffel Tower.

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