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Live Performance Ends With Ali Zafar Taking To His Heels

The versatile and sensational Ali Zafar had to literally fly off the stage as soon as he finished the last song at a recent live performance, with his security providing him a cover. What could have really made Ali dash from the venue?


Ali enthralled an audience of over 30,000, which was quite more than the expected turnout, in Islamabad when he closed the launch ceremony of one of the biggest national cultural gatherings in recent times.


The evening took an interesting turn for Ali when the crowd went beyond security’s control and thousands of fans started pushing each other forward to climb the stage. This was when Ali quickly finished his performance and dashed off the stage to escape. He was heard saying that it reminded him of a high jump and run scene he did for a film.


The super charged crowd chanted his name and swayed along as Ali began his performance with ‘Aasman ko chootay jayen hum’, moving on to one of his most loved ‘Chal dil meray’ and then his anthem for PSL. But it was when Ali sang his super hit debut ‘Channo’ that the crowd went crazy. They waved and sang along with Ali who knew exactly how to bring out the best in an audience.


The powerful performance ended with his track ‘Masti’, which is when many of the audience members had climbed up to the stage to shake hands with Ali, touch him and have pictures taken with him.


The event overall, was a colourful affair with a host of activities planned for the audience that consisted of people from across Pakistan. The evening brought together sports, culture, music all under one roof to celebrate the best of Pakistan.

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