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KRK mocked SRK’s Fan Movie, Got Hilarious comments over his review

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan’s latest movie ‘Fan’ is currently riding high at the Box-Office cash counters, but there is someone, who still finds his movie illogical. You know this person very well, he is none other than Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK.

You all must be thinking, what unique he did this time. I must tell you, he wants controversy in each and everything he does. We all know ‘Fan’ movie is turning out to be a huge Box-Office Blockbuster and fans across the world are all praising SRK. The unique story line and the double dose of Shah Rukh, what more a Jabra Fan will ask for. Since, the release of the movie, Shah Rukh Khan Performance has been praised by fans and the critics. Even, you can say this is Shah Rukh at its best.

The film was a thriller and the high-octane action sequences are the best things to watch in the film. Some fans loved his Gaurav’s character and some praised his Aryan Khanna’s portrayal. Overall, Fans were satisfied with Shah Rukh Khan’s dual characters after a long time.

KRK Tweets 1

Now, we heard that KRK opens up his mouth and spat a venom in the form of sarcasm for the movie ‘Fan’. He took to twitter to quip a derogatory remark for Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Fan’, which in return infuriated all SRK fans. Soon after KRK’s tweet, serious Jabra fans took to twitter to shout their hearts out for him. If you take a look at the fans tweet then you surely can’t stop laughing on him. Of course, he is KRK and he is already used to such treatment.

‘Fan’ which hit the theatres on April 15, is already considered a Super-hit.

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