Kiran Bedi ‘ s Grand Daughter Acusses Bedi Of Misusing Her Power As The Lieutenant Governor

The Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi’s grand daughter accuse her of misusing “police influence” apparently to separate her from her father.

She shot a selfie video and uploaded it on social media expressing calmly that she is all safe with her father, Mr. Ruzbeh N. Bharucha, at his home and has not been kidnapped. As expected, the video has gone viral on social media

In the video, The girl in the video states that she is ashamed to be a granddaughter of Bedi. “I am ashamed to be her grand daughter of Dr Kiran Bedi … The only one that too,” she says. “When I called and told you that my mother is hitting my father with chappals and spitting on him, you had said that it is between a husband and a wife. Nani why are you using police influence now?” she adds.

Kiran Bedi on Friday told IANS “The court has directed all such videos to be removed forthwith. And the one mentioned has already been removed. Also, a direction to the YouTube officials has been sent to do so”

The video was posted by filmmaker Deepika Bhardwaj on 4.10.19 and also posted several tweets :


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