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Is Kamaal R Khan secretly married to Bobby Darling?

Marriages are made in heaven and some are made in parties when intoxicated. We got some shocking news from an unconfirmed source; however, we’re trying our best to verify this news for our readers.

On May 23rd 2015, it was a Saturday when small time actor Kamaal R Khan threw a party at his Dubai residence. Few slightly known faces of Bollywood were present at the party. The party is said to be started at 10p.m and continued till wee hours of Sunday.

Around 2a.m. when guests were enjoying their drinks after having food, the ‘Deshdrohi’ actor was seen in high spirits and so was Bobby Darling. KRK and Bobby stood in a corner discussing something seriously and if our source is to be believed, Bobby was looking upset.

The reason why Bobby was upset is due to Kamaal’s promise of casting her in ‘Deshdrohi 2’. Reportedly, KRK was holding Bobby’s hands getting loud and aggressive. That was the time when Bobby lost her cool and screamed, “Why can’t you cast me in your movie?”

When people came closer to the couple to calm the situation, Kamaal shocked everyone by making an announcement. Going by the unconfirmed source, Kamaal said “Aaj se Bobby meri wife hai aur tumlog sab witness ho is baat ke” (I accept Bobby as my wife and you all are witness of this marriage). After this, KRK gifted Bobby his personal gold ring, post which Bobby was seen smiling throughout.

When the party was over and guests were leaving, people saw Kamaal holding Bobby by waist and not letting her go. It’s only when Bobby resisted and guests intervened, KRK let her go. If this is true, we wish the couple very bright and wonderful future.

As we’re still unsure of this news, our Editor-in-Chief is trying to get in touch with the ‘Munna Pandey Berozgar’ actor to know the truth. Stay tuned to know more on this!

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