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Kaabil Movie Review : Did The Visually Impaired Rohan Manage To Woo The Audiences? Find Out Here!


Kaabil Review From the posters of the movie Kaabil, we know that it is a love story plus revenge thriller. But had the story been made on simple turfs, perhaps it would not have been made at all. So what we have in Kaabil is a couple who is madly, adorably in love with each other. And then the girl is raped by a goon leaving them in emotional turmoil. The boy then sets out to take his revenge. This rather simple sounding story has been jazzed up with a plot that is intriguing and thrilling. The biggest highlight of the story is the fact that the couple is actually visually impaired!!

Plot Analysis : Rohit Bhatnagar and Supriya Sharma are two visually impaired individuals who find themselves compatible and fall in love. They get married to lighten up their lives and what follows is a magical journey of love and romance from a perspective that the audience had not seen yet. The characters and their romance is so beautifully depicted in the film that one cannot help but feel for the happiness of this couple who look adorable on screen. But then comes the point when the goon, played by Rohit Roy rapes, Supriya taking advantage of the couple’s blindness. Following this, they seek official help only to discover that the goon is supported by the officials and almost all means to track and punish him legally are closed. So how does Rohan take his revenge when the culprit thinks takes him too lightly for his blindness?

Performances : Hrithik and Yami make an adorable couple. They are sweet and create a fresh world of romance that the audience perhaps finds novel to the screen. The characterizations are perfect and so are the performances. It is being spoken of as the Hrithik’s best performance till date. It does have the potential to become that. Speaking of Yami, the girl has a very expressive face with distinct features and a rare natural way of acting. She has indeed made the best of this opportunity which has come to her after long time since her debut in Vicky Donar. The TV actor brother duo Rohit and Ronit Roy play brothers here also and their wickedness is very fearful. They create fear in the viewers and the plot gets more enticing. So the Rohan’s revenge has all the flavors of typical masala one which keeps you gripped till the end.

Music and Direction : Kaabil has a string of soulful songs that will stay with the audience even after they leave the theatres. The background scores and the renditions are beautifully placed in the music by Rajesh Roshan.

In the direction department, Sanjay Gupta could not have got better than this. He has played his trump cards quite effectively. The technical aspects form an important part of the film and they are commendable. 

Last Word: Kaabil is an intelligently scripted film woven with very negligible loopholes. It is for those audiences who love quality over emotions and masala.

Star Rating: 4/5

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