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Ishita will find sarika is a real culprit

Ishita will find sarika is a real culprit who killed Rinki and tried killing Raman too.

In yesterdays episode we saw Sarika knocks the door and asks Raman to have something, even kids did not have food. Raman opens the door and is drinking wine. She says I know you are upset, please have some food. He refuses. She says everyone is disturbed, how can Ishita do this, such a big lie, plannings, acting. He says I don’t want to talk about her, go from here. She says I know you are hurt, and adds some powder in juice. She says I m also sad, Ishita was my role model, but she did wrong, I don’t want to hurt you, life goes on, atleast drink this juice, who will manage us if you don’t take care of yourself. Raman takes the glass. She leaves.

Sarika goes downstairs. She calls Ashok and says work is over. Romi takes her phone and asks whats her problem, she is always on phone. She says I went to give food to Raman, Asha called. He asks who is this Asha. He says I will keep this phone, see the situation at home, nothing will happen if you don’t keep phone for one day. He goes. She worries thinking what of Ashok calls again.

According to precap when Ishita knocks door and asks Raman to talk to her. Romi asks her to talk tomorrow. She asks him to do anything, she wants to talk. Romi pushes the door and they get inside. They get shocked seeing Raman fallen on the ground.

Shared a source, “Ishita will doubt Sarika’s intention and would follow her when she would move stealthily move out of the house. Ishita would be shocked to see Sarika meeting Ashok (Sangram Singh). The two will be plotting their next move against Raman and the family.”

Ishita would then finally reveal Sarika’s secret to the family and Sarika and Ashok will be sent to jail post that.

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