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Hrithik Roshan submits important details to Cyber Cell in Kangana Ranaut case

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, who was in the limelight for all the wrong reasons, has submitted some important details to the police in much talked about ‘Kangana Ranaut-Hrithik Roshan case’. Hrithik always reiterated that he has no link-ups with Kangana and he is not the one communicating to Kangana via emails. It has been reported that Hrithik’s crucial evidence clarifies that he is not the person who is in email-talks with Kangana.

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According to a National news daily, The Greek God of Bollywood has submitted the emails of Kangana to the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell and filed a police complaint against her for mentally harassing him in the case.

A close source has cleared out the dust from the case and says that Hrithik is not at all involved in the case. He details that, “We have gone through everything and it is now clear that Kangana was communicating with an imposter. Hrithik’s forensic report show no association with It’s evident that she carried forward her communication of 6 months with the imposter. He has received over 3,000 emails from her and we have established that no mails were sent to her from his email. His phone records prove that he has made four calls to her in seven years. His passport copies prove he was not in Paris when she claimed they’d got engaged. We are convinced he is innocent.”

Recently, Cyber Cell also revealed that the imposter, who is talking to Kangana by using Hrithik’s name, IP address has been traced down from America. So the case seems very much crystal clear but there is a lot more things which still remained buried in the case. The matter is currently in the hands of law and we have to wait for the final verdict.

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