Hina Khan takes down on the Jewellery Company with a LEGAL NOTICE!

The television’s very own ‘Akshara’ and the Bigg Boss Finalist, Hina Khan is known to be in the news for all the wrong reasons! Be it during the show or be it post the show, the actress has managed to stay a part of one or the other controversies and is the people’s favorite choice when it comes to trolling over social media! It was recently heard that a jewellery company accused the actress for fraud and here’s Sher Khan giving it back, absolutely like a pro! Here’s the Legal Notice her lawyer has sent to the company!

Hina Khan, known for her no bullshitting attitude has yet again proved that she is in no mood to entertain people trying to defame her! When the Jewellery Company owner leaked an unsigned legal notice accusing Hina Khan of Jewellery fraud, the actress had taken her social media to slam the jewellery company writing, “LOL🤣🤣🤣wonder why this legal notice did not reach my house and instead reached all the media houses..😂👏👏sorry haters this tactic will not work.. try something new.. bhassodi will still shine   

Well, thats just not the end! Hina Khan’s lawyer has just sent a legal notice, filing a defamation case against the Jewellery Company! All the documents proving Hina Khan, not being involved in any of this fraud have been enclosed with the notice! The reality is that the company owner’s assistant misplaced the jewellery and the incident being 2 months old, had been resolved with Hina having no part to play in the whole misplacement of jewellery!

Hina Khan took her social media, to put up pictures of the legal notice sent to the company! She wrote, “Since it started in public forum,I m forced to share my response too but d RIGHT WAY. ‬
‪my advocate @sarthak7468 from Supreme Court of India . Sent a legal notice with proper stamp n signature to this is how a legal notice looks like, not like an unsigned unstamped fake notice created just for cheap publicity..We really work hard to reach where we r n just because ‘a celeb’ is n easy target u will not get to use it to ur benefit… The law works wonders for an innocent who is wrongly accused and it gets better if you have proper proofs. Attaching the courier receipt for my notice.Surprisingly it never appeared for the imaginary notice sent to me. No hawa hawaai only seedhi baat #SatyamevJayate#NotAnEasyTarget

The entire legal notice is attached here:

The Boss Lady, truly gave it back like a pro! Kudos to her for that!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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