Himanshi Khurana Confess Her Love In Front Of Asim’s Family

When second-time Himanshi enter the house for Asim, Himanshi had revealed that her relationship with her beau, Chow ended because of her closeness with Asim. She also said that for her self- respect she had to break up with him. She had also added that Asim’s topic did crop up in their arguments but he was not the reason.

 Himanshi with chow'
Himanshi with chow’

There is a video that has gone viral on social media, in which Himanshi was seen saying that she wanted to confess her love and feelings for Asim in front of their families. But she had to say ‘I Love You’ because host, Salman Khan kept probing her.

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In the video, she said, “Maine bola hum families ke beech me baith k baat karenge, bahut badi commitment hai. Lekin Salman sir ne bola clear hai to bolo. Maine bola ‘yes sir, I love him’.”  Video below:

Asim had gone down on his knees and had proposed her. Asim had proposed her for a wedding and had said, “Himanshi, I really love you. Will you marry me? I swear to God, I want to marry you.”

Asim left Himanshi in a shock but she didn’t react at that moment and had said, “You are a nice boy but there are many other things right now. I am not refusing but we have to see many things after going outside. I hope you understand. I will only say that I am here for you and this is enough.”

She had accepted the flower that Asim gave her and had added, “I took so much time to make a friend and I need time to make a lover.”