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Here’s What Rishi Kapoor’s Brother Randhir Has To Say About The Cancer Reports

Rishi Kapoor, the yet so young actor of Bollywood has recently gone to US for some medical treatment against the wear and tear caused due to films! With the revelation of this news made by the actor himself, there are a lot many speculations being made by the people about the treatment the actor has gone to US for as mentioned in Rishi Kapoor’s tweet! Among these speculations, one is that the actor is suffering from cancer and his cancer reports have become like the hot topic, spreading like fire over the fragile Internet! Here’s his brother Randhir Kapoor speaking over it!

Rishi Kapoor’s tweet read, “Hello all! I am taking a short leave of absence from work to go to America for some medical treatment. I urge my well wishers not to worry or unnecessarily speculate. It’s been 45 years “plus”of wear and tear at the movies. With your love and good wishes,I will be back soon!”

The media buzz suggests that the actor is suffering from third stage cancer and that he has gone to US to undergo Chemotherapy! His wife Neetu Singh and son Ranbir Kapoor too have accompanied him there! His absence in the funeral of his mother Krishna Raj Kapoor added to the speculations!

When his brother Randhir Kapoor was asked about the matter, he said, “We don’t know yet what is the exact nature of his ailment. Rishi himself doesn’t know what he’s suffering from. He has not even started undergoing tests there. How can people speculate that he has cancer and that too, one that has escalated to an advanced stage? Let him undergo tests peacefully; whatever the results, we will let everyone know.”

“Depending on what the results are, his line of treatment, medication and other modalities will be decided upon. It’s not fair to speculate things just like that.”, added brother Randhir Kapoor!

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