Five Most Common Signs of Cancer That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Five Most Common Signs of Cancer That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Cancer is most dangerous stage of disease where the recovery of a patient is very hard or if you ignore the symptoms of  cancer may that kill you because in the initial stages the cancer is curable but on the last stage the cancer couldn’t be curable. There is several Types of Cancer like Breast Cancer, Skin Cancer, Lung Cancer, Liver Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Mouth Cancer, Prostate Cancer  and Brain Cancer are few most common cancers type across the world. If you have a question that “What is the Cancer” So, cancer not a disease itself but its a stage of the sickness when any body have a problem or disease that reach on its extreme we’ call it cancer.

The Cancer Facts: In the 21th century the cancer is curable in the initial or very initial stage but on the last stage of cancer then its impossible to cure it or recover the patient completely. The Treatments of Cancer is only possible in a Cancer Hospital. The main purpose of writing this article to tell the 5 Signs of Cancer that you should not ignore or tell some important facts about cancer.

Signs of Cancer

1. Pee Problem

The prostate cancer is most common in men if they are older than 55 years. If you are 55 years old and having pee problem like you can’t hold your pee and urgent want to go in toilet for urination or if you are having blood or any kind of pain in your bladder or prostate then you should immediately consult with a doctor may he will suggest you some blood test to discover Prostate Cancer but having pain in bladder or having blood in your urine not a sign of cancer may you have some kidneys or bladder problems.

2. Changes on your Skin

If you notice any kind of changes on your skin like you are having any spots on your body or having a mole on your skin then you should immediately contact with a doctor may these skin changes you have cause of skin cancer but these kind of skin changes may also of some other cause like pregnancy or low calcium.

3. Heartburn

If you are having heartburn problem and after even after changes your diet, stress level and also drinking habits and you are not seeing any kind of improvement then you shouldn’t ignore it rather than ignore it you should contact with your doctor and discuss the symptoms you are having he will suggest you some test to trace the real problem. The heartburn is most common problem because of diet and also because of stomach problems.

4. Changes in Your Mouth

If you are smoking habit or a habit of chew tobacco and you are notice some painful changes in your mouth may you have some kind of infection that not going even after using medicines or any other unusual changes in your mouth and through than you should consult with a doctor without wasting time because the ignorance may take the cancer on 4 Stage cancer then its may not curable. So nothing could be important than your life or health you should give the first priority to your health.

5. Losing Weigh or Weight Loss Problem

If you are noticing weight loss problem without any effort or if you didn’t change your diet and didn’t start any kind of exercise and your pants getting loss then its really not a normal may its a cause of cancer. You should consult with your doctor the doctor will find out more about the real problem of your weight lose through several tests but kept one thing in your mind that weight losing is not a sign of cancer may its cause of some other problems like diabetes, your diet changes or etc.

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