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EXCLUSIVE: I Would Love To See Kangana Ranaut & Hrithik Roshan In The Bigg Boss House – Aparshakti Khurrana

Aparshakti Khurrana, the brother of Ayushmann Khurrana is currently busy doing a show called the Bigg Buzz which the sister show of Bigg Boss and is a show that is based on the theme of criticising Bigg Boss and the incidents taking place in the house! Here’s a detailed conversation Aparshakti has had with a leading media house about his show and the shocking most statement he made was that he wishes to see Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan in BB house!

Aparshakti Khurrana was asked, While you are a man of many talents, what do you think makes you the perfect fit for a show like Bigg Buzz, a sister show of Bigg Boss?
“I started off as a Radio Jockey and I was always a people’s person. So for a show like this, I feel like I’m great because I make a great agony aunt and give them a shoulder to cry on. Even my friends they come and talk about their lives and their personal stuff with me. So I feel I make the evicted contestants feel a little comfortable so they open up about their experience inside their house.”
Since you are the host of Bigg Buzz, do you watch Bigg Boss every day?
“Not every day, but yeah I follow it. Especially when I am hosting big buzz, yeh toh kaam hai. So enjoyment aur kaam ho raha hai saath mein.”
Who is your favourite contestant this season?
“I really used to like Anup Jalota ji because of his musical and spiritual vibe. But it’s exciting to see a different side of his. So I think Anupji.”
Who do you think is the strongest player?
“I think the strongest player is also Anupji. The reason is that with the age bracket he’s in, very seldom people will fall into a fight with him. So I think he has great chances of winning the show because he has that spiritual vibe. So, a lot of people won’t get into a tiff with him. Matlab pyaar se hi nikal jayegi baat.”

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Would you ever want to go into the Bigg Boss house?
“Actually to test myself, maybe I would. Otherwise, I don’t want to be a contestant on the show. Also I don’t think the show wants people like me. They look for different characters for sure, I am also a different character but not the kind of character they’d want. Also, when I say I am a people’s person then I get along with everyone. They don’t want people who get along with everyone. They want people who don’t get along with everyone. So I think I am a misfit for Big Boss as a contestant.”
So let’s say, hypothetically you get selected on big boss. What is one thing that you will never do for ‘entertainment purposes’?
“I think I won’t take my shirt off.  Joh normal harkate hai who karoonga. But, joh normal nahi hoti hai joh saare contestants karte hai bas woh nahi karoonga.”

Who do you think is the most manipulative in the house?
“I think Romil. But now, Surbhi is also in the house so it’s heading towards a major showdown! I’m glad, all the better for Bigg Buzz.”
Who do you think is the mastermind, the one sort of running the show?
“I think Sreesanth. He’s playing the victim a little bit. Abhi woh thoda sa na dikha ra  ha hai ki mujhe jaana hai, main confused hoon. Main aisa hoon, main waisa hoon. Andhar se tez hai woh, khud be tez hai.”
The million dollar question, who is Bigg Boss?
“I’ve seen my dad in the houseSo for me, he’s Bigg BossUnfortunately, I haven’t seen the actual Bigg Boss. Mujhe pata nahi kyu aisa lagta hai ki Bigg Boss ki awaz bhaari hogi, par hoga aisa bohot hi normal insaan. Matlab Dara Singh type insaan nahi hoga.”
What is that one piece of gossip you are dying to find out from the Bigg Boss house?
“The entire show is about controversies, so I really want to know the kind of things like who kissed who and what happened after that. It’s not happened yet, but I’m hoping it does.”
If you get to ask a question to anyone in the house to whom and what would it be?
“I am dying to find out if Sreesanth really wants to leave the house. I am sure he doesn’t want to leave the house. But, I want to know from him why he becomes so emotional at every little thing.”
Let’s say Bigg Boss was a Bollywood actress, who do you think it would be?
“I think the way Priyanka‘s (Chopra) graph is going, she is the biggest Bigg Boss right now.”

So let’s say Bigg boss was set only in Bollywood and only actors were allowed. Who all should be a part of the house?
“Kangana, Hrithik. I would love to see Sonam and Swara on the show cause off screen also they are really close friends. Then, I would like to see Karan and Bebo. I think they give content cause they have that equation, that chemistry. And then, I would want to see Shashank and Ishaan from Dhadak. We all play football together and I think they have that big brother, small brother vibe….”
Lastly, There are just so many shows now, what’s different about Bigg Buzz?
“So other than showing you the audience reaction (both offline and on social media) to what’s happening inside the house, the best part is that I get to speak with the evicted contestants from the house. In Bigg Boss, people either try to pretend or they have that mindset of playing a game or a plan to win the show. But, when they come on Bigg Buzz immediately after being evicted, I think they have that outburst of emotions and this you only get to see on my show. The anger and frustration they can’t take out in the house they can take it out here. For instance, the first person to get eliminated, the policeman Nirmal Singh? He hardly ever used to talk in the house! Bigg Boss ke ghar meh toh woh mohnvrath peh tha, woh aaya or mujhe hi bolne hi nahi diya. Bigg Buzz is shorter but also gives you an insight into all the masaledaar bits. So if you love Bigg Boss, but don’t have the time to watch it or if you just want more, Bigg Buzz is for you.”

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