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Exclusive Expert Holi tips from Kriti sanon deepika Vidya

Exclusive Expert Holi tips from Kriti sanon deepika Vidya

Bollywood’s heroines love to play Holi and eat Holi delicacies as well. But they make sure to take care of their hair and skin, following a careful regime.

Kirti Sanon: My mom makes the best gujiyas


Best childhood Holi memory: I used to celebrate Holi every year with my sister Nupur and our friends in our colony’s park.

Once we found a broken bathtub on a terrace and filled it up with colour, water and mud and then each person was thrown in by turns. We would eat pakodas and drink thandai and dance to Holi songs.

My favourite delicacy for Holi is gujiya. My mom makes the best gujiyas. I can’t wait to eat that this year.

Favourite Holi song: Rang Barse is my favourite.

2015’s Holi plans: I will celebrate Holi with my family.

Hair and skin care regime for Holi: I ensure to oil my hair with a coconut-based hair oil. It takes care of my hair and protects it from the damage of the harsh Holi colours.

I prefer tying my hair while playing Holi. Open hair tends to tangle and damage one’s hair even more. You can wear a fashionable side braid or a side ponytail.

I moisturise my skin with coconut oil before stepping out to play Holi. By doing so, the colour does not seep into my skin and that makes it easier to wash the colours off.

Deepika Padukone: Cover your hair with a scarf or a bandana, so the chances of colour entering your scalp are minimal.


Best childhood Holi memory: Holi has been one of my favourite festivals since childhood. I used to play Holi after coming home from school with my friends in the building.

I love to eat something tangy and spicy like chaat on Holi.

Favourite Holi song: I know they are from my films but Balam Pichkari and Lahu Muh Lag Gaya are my current favourite! 🙂

2015’s Holi plans: I am shooting for Tamasha and Bajirao Mastani, so we may play Holi on the sets.

Hair and skin care regime for Holi: It’s important to take care of your hair and skin, since there is so much exposure to colours and chemicals. I usually massage my hair with a coconut-based hair oil. It protects my hair from the harsh colours and chemicals and provides nourishment.

Cover your hair with a scarf or a bandana, so the chances of colour entering your scalp are minimal.

For my skin, I moisturise well and use an SPF before playing Holi. This helps me in removing the colours from my skin easily and protects me from the sun.

Vidya Balan: I love eating Imarti



Best childhood Holi memory: My father would fill water balloons early in the morning. Then we would go up to the terrace and throw balloons at each other.

Once that was done, the adult Holi would begin. Adult Holi means rang and mild bhang, and dancing in the building compound. The building’s watchman would help us with buckets of water from the tanks.

I love eating Imarti from a shop in Chembur, in eastern Mumbai.

Favourite Holi song: Rang Barse, and Shubha Mudgal’s Ab Ke Saawan.

2015’s Holi plans: I hope to play Holi with my friends.

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