Which City Ranks Higher In The List of World ‘ s Best Cities? Delhi or Mumbai?

Delhi and Mumbai ranked among the world’s top 10 cities with the highest rates of cannabis consumption per year, since time immemorial, the debate concerning which is a better city, Mumbai or Delhi has been raging on. One is the capital of the nation and the other is, well the financial capital of the country.

Both cities have different people with different cultures who like living different lifestyles. This is actually quite tough to choose among so many cities in the world, where cities are full of various kinds of people.

Time out along with Tapestry Research surveyed thirty four thousand city dwellers all around the world for the Time Out Index Survey.  The anonymous city dwellers were Tokyo, Cape Town, Tel Aviv, Melbourne, Chicago and many other such metropolitan cities contributed in making this list of the best.

They were questioned about many things, like their community food, drink, neighbourhood, affordability, and even overall happiness.

The set of questions were further sent to the Time Out’s global network of editors who created these rankings of the world’s best cities 2019. These are some of the best cities in the world, where you should go.

Some of the famous New York, Melbourne, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Montreal, Berlin, Glasgow, Paris, Tokyo.

This may be a little disheartening for Indians that none of our city made it to the top ten according to this recent study by Time out, Mumbai and Delhi made it to rank 22nd and 37th respectively.

Delhi and Mumbai are even ahead of cities like Seattle, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong and Boston.

Mumbai known as the land of dreams and Bollywood was recognized for being a sociable and a city of dynamic character.  Delhi was declared as a city of ‘tight-knit kinship’ where it is also termed as a ‘gastronomy-packed Indian capital’.

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