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Cine & TV Artistes Association Addresses Harrasment Claims by Tanushree Dutta

Tanushree Dutta made a major revelation yesterday as she came out to reveal that she underwent harassment during the shoot of her movie Horn Ok Pleaseeeee during the year 2008! And what shocked us the most was that the actress accused the senior actor Nana Patekar of harassment! Also, a senior journalist came out in her support saying she was a witness to the incident! After Tanushree Dutta had made such claims, a lot of people have choosen their sides and spoken over the matter! Well now, we have the verdict given by the Cine & TV Artistes Association over the matter!

Cine And TV Artistes Association has condemned the act of harassment in an official statement released on Tuesday. The statement read, “CINTAA strongly condemns any act that outrages the modesty of any individual and any form of sexual harassment is unacceptable to us.” This statement was revealed post studying the complaint filed by the actress Tanushree Dutta in the context.

It further added about the decision take over the matter in the year 2008 saying, “After going through Tanushree Dutta filed complaint, which was filed with the then Executive Committee of CINTAA in March 2008, we feel that the decision was taken in the Joint Dispute Settlement Committee of CINTAA and Indian Film and TV Producers Council (which was then known as Association of Motion Pictures and TV Programme Producers) in July 2008 was not appropriate, as the chief grievance of sexual harassment wasn’t even addressed.”

They also have asked people to report such events immediately post the occurrence! “Unfortunately, CINTAA’s constitution bars us from taking up any case which is more than three years old. Hence, we appeal to the authorities to take cognizance of Ms Dutta’s statements and conduct an impartial and speedy enquiry so that truth and justice may prevail.”

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