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Check it Out!!! We Bet You Didn’t Observe This In Sultan!


Irrespective of how many times you would watch Sultan, there is something you must have missed. We bet you wouldn’t have noticed this in the movie!


We asked viewers who saw the movie thrice and yet failed to notice this little detail about the movie. Let us share this with you so that you can share it further and boast about your information to your friends.


In the movie, Salman Khan (Sultan) is shooting for multiple ads; he is endorsing a ghee company, an electronic company, and a pen. Now remember it carefully, during the shoot of the ghee ad, the director asks him to go for another take and Salman leaves from the scene by saying; “Hum wrestler hain, actor nahi”.


The director in that scene is actual the director in real life, Kabir Khan. During an interview, Kabir himself revealed this fact and was quite excited to share it with the audience. Although, he made a small appearance in the movie and he was left unnoticed, that was kinda cute from his side to share it with us all.


Sultan has been through a lot of controversies, but the fact is that the fans have loved it! Moreover, every crew member of the movie has enjoyed shooting for the film. They all are enjoying the glory of this success to the core and we are sure Kabir must have felt the same way to disclose it out.


We wouldn’t mind seeing Kabir often on the big screen. He has a charming personality and has good acting skills. Well, Kabir we are seeing Sultan once again to see you on the big screen. Hope you enjoyed acting equally as much as you do in film direction.

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