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Celebrities Sibling Of Small Screen In Same Profession!

48720981Having a sibling often means you have a best friend in the family. Your sibling could be your partner-in-crime, your support system, and sometimes even your biggest foe. Our favourite Television celebrities playing the roles of each other’s siblings, relatives, family on screen. Friction or not, the bond is special. From the good times to the worst, siblings have your back. However, little do we know that many of them are actually related in real life and work in associated with the same profession. So let’s go and check them in detail…

1. Alok Nath and Vineeta Malik
Profession: TV actorsalok-nath-and-vineeta-malik-1-1Known for his Sanskari roles in film and serials, Alok Nath is the younger brother of Vineeta Malik who is also active on Indian television. Vineeta Malik is Alok Nath’s sister in real-life. The brother-sister duo is well known for their “Sanskari” roles in daily soaps.

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