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Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan Loses His Temper On Paras Chhabra For Misbehaving, Madhurima And Vishal Will Be Thrown Out

The most awaited weekend is here and the reaction of Salman Khan on Vishal and Madhurima will be revealed and it is going to be full of war between contestants and masala. Salman Khan is all set to school the housemates for their wrongdoing inside the house. We can see Salman losing his temper on Paras like never before for misbehaving and raising voice on him.
The promo of upcoming Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar is very serious. Madhurima Tuli will be evicted from the house, but in a promo, it is shown that even Vishal Aditya Singh is going to leave.
The promo opens will Salman Khan imitating Madhurima’s bashing Vishal with a pan. He tells Vishal, ‘taali do haath se bajti hai.’ He further tells that he had earlier warned them this is not television show this is a reality show aired on National Television. Salman Khan then lastly tells Vishal and Madhurima ‘to leave our home’.
In the same promo, Salman took the class of Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma and said that it is not looking like friendship but more than that. He then reminds Paras of his girlfriend Akanksha Puri, whom he had sent a letter saying that he’s faking the romance with Mahira as it is all for cameras.

 Paras did not listen to Salman Khan and started arguing with him and talking to other contestants, which was kinda insulting for Dabangg star. Paras Chhabra tells the host that he’s been accused of sending the letter, as he never meant it.

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