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Can the world bear another KRK ?

Digital media provides great platform to new talents these days. Some are intellect, some are witty, some are funny . While surfing through Internet , we found a funny and adorable talent on YouTube. It is just hilarious. We saw a teaser of upcoming YouTube show named ‘The Asli KRK- Kaala Rashid Khan’. The video is titled as the teaser, giving people hint that a full fledge show has been made with Kaala Rashid Khan.
Nowadays, people are active in making spoofs and funny videos and some of these really go viral. We think this one named as ‘The Asli KRK-Kaala Rashid Khan’ is surely made by some young guns and its definitely going to be famous soon because it is superfunny and brings curiosity in viewers through its presentation. The person in the video is too amazing and will surely make you laugh out loud.


Actor’s name hasn’t been disclosed yet; however, his way of running and dialect is same as of Kamaal R Khan-aka-KRK. The way it is made will surely make viewers curious and they will wait to know what it is all about and what is going to happen next in it.
Its going to be fun series for sure, we will be looking forward to it to know what happens next. To watch the amazing video, please click the link given below:


Murtaza Rangwala

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