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‘Boycott Dangal’ Has Started Trending On Twitter For This Very Silly Reason!!

2016 has been a year with more downs than ups when it comes to Bollywood. But Aamir Khan promised to rock the film industry with Dangal. As promised, 2016 closes with a superhit by Aamir Khan. Dangal closes 2016 with a bang! Critics, film industry, actors, actresses and the entire cast and crew are praising Dangal like never before. The cast and crew have put in their maximum efforts and worked whole-heartedly  for the film and it definitely has rocked the box-office so far!

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 However, despite rave reviews, #BoycottDangal is trending on Twitter and for a very sad reason. More than a year since Aamir Khan’s comments on intolerance, people are still not ready to forgive him. 

Aamir Khan spoke about India being ‘tolerant’ and Twitter lost its cool. Calling it a publicity gimmick, people are outraging and convincing people to boycott the film.

Check out the tweets where the twiterraties openly critisized Aamir Khan and #BoycottDangal started trending!

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