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Bollywood and its Phobias.

Today we will be talking about some interesting phobias that our Bollywood celebs have.
We all have seen our favorite celebrities jumping from the 50th floor of the building, swimming in the deepest oceans and seas, breath taking horror movies and so on.
There are some facts which give a temporary pause to these talented minds and beauties. And here goes the list.

1. Sonam Kapoor

10 Bollywood Stars And Their Phobias Sonam Kapoor

Fashion icon ‘Sonam Kapoor’ is often spotted for her beautiful outfits and fashion trends she carries. She has opened up about her strange phobia from the elevator. Yes you heard it right, Sonam fears elevators in malls and airports, and she makes it sure she doesn’t face them frequently. Once she was given a shot to be taken on elevator, and it took about 5 hours for a single shot.

2. Katrina Kaif

10 Bollywood Stars And Their Phobias Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif is often addressed as ‘Barbie of Bollywood’ and she is scared of darkness. This phobia of Katrina does not sound strange and can be considered as a normal one. Katrina doesn’t step out of her home when dark as she gets a strong feeling of ghost and evil spirits around. She is the cutest innocent Barbie in our B-town.

3. Vidya Balan

10 Bollywood Stars And Their Phobias Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan, the true Indian Beauty is scared of cats.

4. Priyanka Chopra

10 Bollywood Stars And Their Phobias Priyanka Chopra

The bubbly girl is afraid of horses. She says in an interview, “No doubt I’m scared about horses, but I make it sure to face them and come out my fear as soon as I can“ wishing all the best to Priyanka, and hope her spirit helps to fight her fear.



5. Deepika Podukone

10 Bollywood Stars And Their Phobias Deepika Padukone

She is one of the most beautiful diva in our Bollywood, and she is afraid of height and snakes.


6. Bipasha Basu

10 Bollywood Stars And Their Phobias Bipasha Basu

She is the boldest ‘Bengali Bala’ in Bollywood. Now you will be surprised when you face this fact that Bipasha Basu is afraid of her own laughter. She has performed in many horror movies. Anyways, Bipasha’s laughter is a horror movie for herself.


7. Celina Jaitley

10 Bollywood Stars And Their Phobias Celina Jaitley

She has often acted as a ‘sensual personality’ or ‘sex symbol’ in Bollywood. She is afraid of the most beautiful and colourful creation, butterflies. Yes guys, Celina Jaitley is scared of butterflies.


8. Kareena Kapoor

10 Bollywood Stars And Their Phobias Kareena Kapoor

The Bebo of Bollywood is afraid of bike rides. Instead of many stunt shots performed, Bebo fears taking bike rides. It is heard that bebo makes it sure before signing a movie that she doesn’t have to face bike stunts, but this doesn’t worked for her always.


9. Alia Bhatt

10 Bollywood Stars And Their Phobias Alia Bhatt

The cutest and youngest star in Bollywood fears darkness. Alia and Katrina have the same Phobia, and they do not step out of their home in the dark.



10. Anushka sharma

10 Bollywood Stars And Their Phobias Anushka Sharma


Anushka sharma fears cockroaches. She not only fears cockroaches, but is also an insect hater.


These were the strange phobias that Bollywood stars have. Did you spot your favorite one in the list? Do you have the same phobia that your favorite celebrity has?

Do let us know.
Stay tuned for more info about your favorite Actor/Actress.

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