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Demonetization Effect: Bollywood Big Movies Of 2016 Get Pushed To 2017!

Narendra Modi’s eponymous decision of banning Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes have hurt the growth of Indian Economy in a big way. Though this will help India to curb black money and put an end to corruption practices but for a shorter term, it is a turmoil situation. Even, Demonetization Effect can be clearly seen in the film Industry. At latest Censor Board Chief Pahlaj Nihalani has his own idea to save the movie business by delaying the releases.


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Recently, Rock On 2 has been the only movie which has face the demonetization burnt in a big way. They didn’t even cross half the collection of their film budget as people are so much messed up due to the scarcity of open cash. This week releases, Force 2 and Tum Bin 2 have also suffered due to demonetization. So, even upcoming releases like Dear Zindagi, Befikre, Kahani 2, Dangal will also be facing problems at the Box-Office.

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