Dacoits and their activities may be a crime according to the Indian Penal Code, but this treacherous act of murderous intentions and emotions is a fair game for those, who took this lunge of human conscience.

While some were pained by the societal ills, others were forced into it. Whatever it may have been, the blood shedding Bandits in India have a history of their own. While they appear to be blood thirsty and moral less, when you read about them, you will not be able to stop yourself from empathizing with them. Though they all met their fate, they are still remembered, and are the unsung heroes of their communities.

1. Daku Man Singh

What would you call a man who committed over a thousand robberies, and was an expert at ransom kidnappings? This man had 185 murders on his name! Bloody Gross murders! Why would anybody kill 200 people? Infamously known as Daku Man Singh, a bandit was born into the high class Rajput Clan in Agra.

After he became a bandit, his home was the ravines of Chambal, which already had a lot of blood sprayed over them. His Gang was of 17 people, dreaded by the police and the locals alike. All 17 of them were either his friends or family, including a brother. He and his son Gurkha Singh were shot dead in an encounter by the Gurkha troops in 1955, while they were sitting under a Banyan tree in Bhind, Madhya Pradesh.

When S.N Subba Rao heard Man Singh speak, he was amazed and impressed. The Subedar was a witness to his humility and respectful way of communicating. It still baffles him, that a man of a high class like Singh would have chosen this path of life? While the government was willing to reward anybody who would lead the police forces to Singh, this Rajput Bandit was adored by the public. People took offence to him being called a “Dacoit” or a “Bandit”. To his loyal population he was the “Baghi- the Rebel” and a rebel is no less than a saint for this community.

Unbelievably, this murderer of 185 people has a temple on his name today in Khera Rathore, and is considered to be the Robin Hood of India. He was also called the “Lion of Chambal” and there are many local folk songs and folklore that praise him. He fought for his rights and his pride and died for it! If only the system would have been right, he would not have turned to dacoity to steal from the rich and share among the poor.

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