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Bigg Boss 13: Major Mistakes Found In The House But Went Unnoticed

Ameesha Patel

People who watch this season carefully must have remembered Ameesha Patel who entered the premiere night.  She entered the house as a ‘Ghar Ki Malkeen’ and said that she will keep entering the house every now and then. She got disappear from her own house. This is the big mistake we can see.

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Mahira Got Hurt During The Task

In one of the tasks where two teams were made, Mahira and  Siddharth were in different teams and while taking boxes Mahira fell down and got hurt in her legs. She walked as a  lame person and at another minute she was running properly during the task.

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Mahira And Siddharth Closeness And Paras Is Bald

In the new year episode, all colors actors entered the house and they clicked the groupfie and there we noticed closeness of Siddharth and Mahira looks best buddies, whereas Shehnaaz standing behind.

We also have seen a viral video of Paras went viral of his wig came off while doing the task and it shocked all the fans and rumors became truth. After that, he was also seen without a wig in the behind the scene of  Bigg Boss.

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