Bigg Boss 10: Salman Khan Praises Manu Punjabi At Weekend Ka Vaar Episode!

Bigg Boss 10 is one of the entertaining reality show for the audience but in the house, the situation always looks like a battle ground. Recently, we have seen foul-mouthed Priyanka Jagga’s behavior in the house, who messed with almost everyone. On the other side, Manu Punjabi played a fair game after his return on the show, after his mother’s demise. At tonight episode, Salman Khan will praise Manu Punjabi for his fair game in last one week.

Manu 3

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Manu 1
Since Manu Punjabi’s re-entry in the house, he has been winning the hearts of other contestants. Even he didn’t mess with anyone and played a fair game till now. A few days back, Priyanka Jagga crosses her limits when she says that, she is lucky that none of her family members are dead. This comment was indirectly for Manu Punjabi’s mother, who died recently. In spite of all these situations, Manu Punjabi kept his cool and played a fair game in the house.

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