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Ayesha Shroff tells court Sahil Khan is gay

by Murtaza Rangwala

Strongly countering Sahil Khan’s allegation that she was in a relationship with him, Jackie Shroff’s wife Ayesha told a sessions court that she could not have been in a romantic affair with the actor since he is gay. A leading tabloid says that Ayesha claimed that the actor’s wife Nigar had divorced him because of this reason. Ayesha also denied Sahil’s claims that she had set up her film studio Karma Productions to use her family wealth to fund her lavish lifestyle. She said that she had paid Sahil and his sister Shaista through her personal accounts and that her husband was aware of the payments. Ayesha also said that any gifts given to the Khans were purchased by her and not through money transfers. Further, she said all trips were work related and the BMW, said to have been purchased by her for Sahil, was in fact fraudulently bought by him from funds deposited in a company account for a film project called Long Lost. She also emphatically denied that she was in a loveless marriage, saying, “I have known my husband for 37 years and we are a close knit family.”

Now Lets See what sahil has to say… Over to you now Sahil!

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