Arjun Kapoor’s First Tweet After Sridevi’s Death Is Heart-Wrenching

We all know that Arjun Kapoor had never had a cordial relation with his step-mother Sridevi. Even earlier in an interview, Arjun said that Sridevi means nothing to him than just being his father Boney Kapoor’s wife. Also, he expressed his desire not to keep any relations with his half-sisters Janhvi and Khushi.

But Sridevi’s death changed everything. As he heard the news, he left his shoot and flew to Dubai to be with his father. Though he never talked to his step-mom, after her death, he helped his father Boney Kapoor with all the procedures in Dubai as well as in Mumbai. He even stood behind his sisters-Janhvi and Khushi. He and his sister Anshula became the pillars of strength for the family.

Now, Arjun posted a soul-stirring tweet on his Twitter handle. It is a quote by R M Drake. The tweet read, “You’re brave because life gives you every reason to want to give up and still, you rise, you pick yourself up and carry on”

He captioned the quote as, “One day at a time..”

Check the tweet below.

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