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Arbaaz Khan Admits Betting In IPL, Twitter SLAMS Him In The Most Hilarious Way!

Bollywood and cricket are two most popular entertainment sources in India. The popularity of IPL was pretty much assured even before its debut, after all, it brought Bollywood and cricket together. In fact, it is the most popular franchise-based cricketing event in the world. Cricketers from all around the world want to play in IPL and people all across the globe watch it with great enthusiasm.

Amidst all glamour and glittery, IPL has been mired in controversy for very long time. Remember the time, when S. Sreesanth was arrested for match-fixing back in 2013, the Indian pacer was banned from all form of games by BCCI following that incident. Now, actor cum filmmaker Arbaaz Khan has landed himself in trouble. He was summoned by police for interrogation after his name was revealed by bookie Sonu Jalal post his arrest.

Arbaaz Khan has confessed that he was betting for last six years. Last year, he had said that he lost Rs. 2.83 Crore. Everyone is wondering what will happen after this new shocking revelation. Will he be punished for his involvement in IPL betting? However, Twitter has already come up with the best reactions to this latest development. It is seriously funny.

This Is How Twitter Reacted:

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