What Alia Achieved In 23, I Haven’t Achieved Yet In 40 Years, Says Mahesh Bhatt

Proud Father and Director Mahesh Bhatt is very happy with his daughters in life. As he believes that his daughters have achieved a lot in their life without any big help. Whether it is Pooja Bhatt or Alia, both have worked wonders in their contemporary Bollywood careers. At latest, Mahesh Bhatt has elaborated a lot about his daughters and their success streak in movies.

1-alia In an interview with Hindustan Times, Mahesh Bhatt said, “My daughters are great, self-made women, who have made their own way in this world. Look at Alia. She has made her father superfluous. Without holding my finger, she has made a place for herself under the sun. At 23, she has achieved more than I could in 40 years of my life.”

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