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Abhishek Got Angry On Aishwarya And Left Her At Sarbjit Premeire!

Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan has always remained calm and compose in front of media but not on the ‘Sarbjit’ Premiere Night. He graced the event with wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who played the titular role of Sarbjit sister in the movie. They look happy during their entry time but something seriously went wrong after that. When Paparazzi tried to frame the two, instantly Abhishek walked away.


Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya always go hand in hand during events but at Sarbjit Premiere things went really wrong between the two. If reports have to be believed then, the incident happened at the time of Paparazzi clicking photographs. During that time, Aishwarya buzzed something to him, which made him little angry. Despite, the photographers clicking their photographs, Abhishek has left her hand and walked away.


Well, it looks very odd about what had happened but may be Abhishek didn’t like the way media clicking photographs of her. We don’t know the exact reason about the incident but things were really not good. After much insist from Photographers, he finally backed on the same frame.


Misunderstanding happens with everyone but we really know Abhishek is a serious romantic person. He never shies showing off his love for her beautiful lady. He lately, posted Aishwarya’s black-white gorgeous photo on Instagram and goes on to praise her.


Interestingly, on the ‘Sarbjit’ Premiere, Randeep Hooda also lost his temper on Media fellows. It was reported that a journalist was asking him the same kind of question again and again which made him angry. And without delay, he told him to ‘Shut Up’.


During the premiere, Aishwarya was hardly spotted with Abhishek and mostly remained with her other family members. We just wish that there is nothing serious between the two. ‘Sarbjit’ movie Released today at the Cinema halls across India.

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