7 Handsome Hunks Whom Bollywood Still Doesn’t Notice!

There is a considerable lot of average looking Bollywood actors who are actually having a massive female fan base. Those average looking actors are doing their best here in the Bollywood. Apart from having a fantastic Bollywood career some of them are enjoying superstar status for more than 2 decades.

And sadly, Bollywood failed to notice some really handsome men of the glamour world who are having swag and attitude indeed. With their killer look, they can make anybody to go on their knees. Especially girls! But still, tinsel-town did not even recognise them.

After having thought for a long let’s focus on those handsome people from Bollywood who are worth to have a girl or female attention in this country, but still, nobody get much opportunity to look after them and the Bollywood also doesn’t focus on them.

7 Handsome Hunks Whom Bollywood Still Doesn’t Notice:

Dino Morea:

7 Handsome Hunks Bollywood Doesn't Care A Dime About!

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After a successful stint as a supermodel, Dino suddenly entered Bollywood with his debut movie Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi. However, the actor became the star with the Mahesh Bhatt’s horror film Raaz but failed to perform well after series of flop films post-Raaz. And now literally Dino is not part of Bollywood anymore.

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