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5 Dark Secrets about Ajay Devgan which he Doesn’t Want You To Know

Ajay Devgn is one of the most important part of this film industry since 1991 and from his first movie, he denoted his triumph. He is widely considered as one of the most popular and influential actors of Hindi cinema, who has appeared in over a hundred Hindi films. Despite the fact that we know numerous good things about Ajay Devgn, however today we’ll talk about a few certainties that are not outstanding to the general population out there, so we should examine and about it in a nutshell.

So here are some obscure certainties about Ajay Devgn that will stun you!

  1. Ajay Devgn and Raveena Tandon

Obviously, Ajay Devgn was dating Raveena Tandon in the 90’s and they turned into the intriguing issue of Bollywood’s babble. Be that as it may, their relationship finished far too early when Ajay Devgn began to date to his co-on-screen character in Suhaag, Karishma Kapoor.

Raveena and Ajay’s relationship at that point finished on such a harsh note, to the point that in every open meetings they had a bad blood about one another and they at that point never work together.

  1. Ajay and Karishma Kapoor

After Raveena Ajay Devgn begun dating Karishma Kapoor and they were known as the cutest couple of B-Town. They shared the screen in very nearly 5 films and their on-screen chemistry has even adored the group of onlookers and things got truly genuine in their relationship.

However, soon Ajay Devgn start to ignore Karishma Kapoor as he was getting close to Kajol around then. After this, both Karishma and Ajay stood up to media that they never, yet this was every one of a lie on the grounds that Ajay Devgn began adoring Kajol.

  1. His marriage got into inconvenience

As per a few reports, it is said that Ajay Devgn’s marriage come to just about an end when gossipy tidbits were there was his connection up with Kangana Ranaut.

Truly, you’ve heard it right, a few years prior Ajay and Kangana were said to be seeing someone when Kajol became acquainted with about this entire story, she left the home along her children and she couldn’t consider whatever else.


  1. Went to imprison twice

Ajay Devgn himself uncovered this reality before the media in one of his meetings that he had been behind the bars for multiple times.

In any case, he likewise said that it was all his past as he went to imprison amid his school days, he used to consider himself a Gunda in school and he had even sneaked his dad’s weapon out for the sake of entertainment reason and that was a significant illicit work.


  1. Name and Personality

This reality may stun you a bit in light of the fact that Ajay Devgn’s genuine name is Vishal Veeru Devgn, no Ajay comes in his name. He simply kept this name to make it simple for individuals to recollect him.

Furthermore, one more obscure reality about him is that he generally makes a trip by means of private stream to his shooting or so on and no other Bollywood star does or claims that.

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