25 Awesome Bollywood Performances From The Last Decade That You Just Cannot Miss

A little inspiration, a smile on our faces, and sometimes, a lump in our throats. This is what a good Bollywood movie does to most of us. In between the rom-coms and the melodrama, there come a few gems whose effect lingers on long after the movie is over.In some cases, it is the movie that makes the star but there are other times when it is the actor who makes the movie a hit.

Here are 30 performances that just cannot be missed if you are a Bollywood buff:

1. Hrithik Roshan in Lakshya

It’s been a decade since the movie released but the spunky college-going dude Karan Shergill and his transformation into a dedicated Indian army officer has stayed with us. Hrithik went on to do some great movies, but Lakshya is still close to our hearts for his impeccable acting and the great story line.