16 of the Most Impressive Tattoo Make-overs Ever

16 of the Most Impressive Tattoo Make-overs Ever

1 From Sabretooth Tiger to Screaming Elmo

Ha! I’m guessing this guy was a jock in high school, turned into a gym junkie, took himself too seriously and got this intimidating sabre-tooth tiger to show off his badass-ness, then grew up a little, decided to relax and learned how to poke fun at himself – hence the “Screaming Elmo” transformation!

2 Bullet Proof?

This girl must have come to her senses one day and realized that “Bullet Proof” is just about the lamest tattoo a person could possibly get after “Carpe Diem” or “Such is Life”, and made the right call to go in and get it covered up. These flowers are much more agreeable and perhaps people won’t taken an instant disliking to her now.

3 The Improved Photo Captures her Beauty Better than the First…

Normally when a guy walks into a tattoo parlor with a picture of a girl on his body, it’s an ex-girlfriend and he wants it gone. This guy, on the other hand, just wanted to improve it so that it didn’t look like a possessed zombie that has risen from the dead. And I think it’s safe to conclude that the tattoo artist did a wonderful job of capturing the essence of the original photo.

4 Drastically Improved Dragon

Every single aspect of this tattoo has been improved the second time around, from the shadowing to the outline, to the detail to the colouring, and even the writing has been darkened and touched up to be more legible. I would be taking this photo to the first tattooist to show them what a real tattoo artist should be able to do.

5 Christian Makeover

It’s a good thing this person got the original cross covered up – it looked absolutely horrendous! Did it look like that all along I wonder, or has it just been exposed to years of sun and various skin trauma that has eventually taken its toll on it?

Regardless, the new one is much nicer, despite still being able to see hints of the old one behind it – to someone who wasn’t aware of the old tat, it looks more like an ominous shadow.

6 Martian to Skull

Martian to Skull

Normally I would say a tattoo of an alien would be way cooler than a tattoo of a skull, but in this case it’s like comparing apples and oranges. Apples being a tiny, terrible, pathetic little badly drawn Martian and oranges being a dark, ominous, beautifully artistic skull that is quite terrifying if we’re being honest!

7 Andy’s Rose got a Makeover

Andy’s Rose got a Makeover

I’m sure Andy wouldn’t mind that this person has covered up the tattoo with a new rose. After all, the original tattoo was an abomination – it looked horrible. Whereas this new one is far more detailed, sharp and vibrant. Although, what happened to the “Andy” label? Perhaps it was a past love that expired…

8 Least Intimidating Wolf Ever

Least Intimidating Wolf Ever

How much does the first tattoo look like an absolute joke compared to the second one, right? I mean, it’s a wolf for god’s sake! If you’re going to get a wolf, or a bear, or a dragon, or something tough and fierce like that, than you need it to be big! A wimpy little drawing like that isn’t going to impress anyone, and they have a bigger chance of confusing it for a bruise. This redo, on the other hand, is quite impressive indeed!

9 Overgrown Ferns

What better way to get rid of that cluster of crap that you’ve let accumulate around your upper arm and shoulder than by completely covering the entire mess with a depiction of overgrown ferns. It’s like he has literally let the plantation grow over the old tattoo to hide it all. The finished product looks great!

10 Tougher Warrior

The second one looks so realistic compared to the first, which looks more like a cartoon-style drawing. The redo has colour, sharper edges, and the guy in the helmet sure looks a hell of a lot tougher than the first, which is important when they’re supposed to be knights or warriors! Is this guy a fan of 300 or something? The second guy actually kind of looks like Gerard Butler!

11 Puma

Jeez, what the hell happened the first time around? If I walked out of the tattoo parlor with that on my arm I’d be demanding my money back and then heading to the next nearest tattoo parlor for a redo! And obviously that would’ve been a good idea because this second tattoo artist has used the crappy first tat as a template in which to draw a far better version on.

12 Mexican Gothic Style

Mexican Gothic Style

This person has maintained the Mexican Gothic style that has become so popular in recent years (there are Mexican restaurants popping up all over the place that adopt this style as their artwork and overall theme) but given a major revitalization – how much better is the redo! So much more connected and colourful!

13 Honey, You’ve Been Replaced by a Gorilla

Honey, You’ve Been Replaced by a Gorilla

How flattering for the ex-girlfriend (I’m assuming it’s an ex-girlfriend) to be transformed into a gorilla! Do you think this guy send her this picture afterwards to rub it in that she’s literally been replaced by a big furry beast? The scary thing is that the gorilla looks better on the arm too…

14 Terminator

It would not have been easy to cover up such a large, obnoxious tattoo with such dark colours as well, but this tattooist has nailed it! I wonder if the guy knew what he wanted when he walked in or if the tattooist made some suggestions before they landed on this Terminator/ripped skin-style concept.

15 Unicorn

Wow, this tattooist has done a really god job of turning a little, fuzzy, blurry, amateur drawing of a unicorn into a beautiful masterpiece! This new tattoo is sharper, bluer, the mane is way better, the point is pointier, and it’s even got a flowerbed at the bottom of it, instead of the head just appearing from nowhere!

16 Fanged Old Lady

Fanged Old Lady

Well it’s a pretty elaborate cover-up (I hope he didn’t get this huge picture just as a way of hiding the old tattoo!) but it’s a job well done! You can’t see any hint of the old tattoo by the time the new one is finished. Whoever L.T. is, they have officially been replaced by an old lady with fangs.