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12 most common myths about your bra which ain’t true !

There are some universal myths and things that we believe since we are born to be true and now knowing that they are just myths seems very petty and damn silly to us. Also, ladies, you must have heard lots of things about your bras but did you ever think that how far is it right or correct in any way to believe all those conventional things?

We think that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear from people. Here we have listed several most common myths about the bra that are not true and are false. So, it’s time to break all the false myths and live your life the way you want on your own rules.

1. Wearing Bra While Sleeping Makes Your Boobs Perkier 

Oh Please! just hell with the myths and try to take it off, ladies. Sleeping in a bra doesn’t do anything with the perkiness or fullness of boobs.

Most Common Myths

2. All Bra Sizes Are Universally Created Equal

No! Not at all. No size is created universally for anyone and everyone.

Most Common Myths

3. You Can Wear A Single Bra For Years

Yes, you could wear it but ideally and honestly you should not. It is really not good for the health. You can better have at least 2 to 3 bras and rotate them weekly to make them last longer for a long period of time.

Most Common Myths

4. A Light Color Bra Is Less Visible

No! this is one of the most weirdest myths here. Necessarily not all dark color bras are visible. The visibility basically just depends on the color of your outfit or dress that you wear.

Most Common Myths

5. Bras Should Be Washed Only Once In A Week

No! You can and need to or should wash them whenever you need. Even more often than once in a week, you just need to dry them in the air.

Most Common Myths

6. The Cup Size Is More Important Than Band

It is just a false rumour and myth that the cup size is more important than the band of your bra. Even the band that holds your bra in the proper place is the most important part of a bra and it does most of the work.

Most Common Myths

7. You Should Clasp It On The Tightest Hook

It is just once again a very untrue, false and baselessly nonsensical myth that bras should be clasped to the tightest hooks. So be the first one to break the myth and clasp it according to your own feel and comfort.

Most Common Myths

8. Not Wearing A Bra Will Harm Your Boobs

We know that most of you think the same but let us tell you that it is not at all true. Wearing bra will only help you to carry them in their natural form nothing more than that. So only do what makes you feel really in your zone and comfortable.

Most Common Myths

9. A Training Bra Would Help Your Breasts To Grow

Well, It’s not true at all. Your boobs will grow by taking their own pace and time. A training or any other specific type of bra is not really going to help them.

Most Common Myths

10. Underwire Bras Can Increase The Risk Of Breast Cancer

This is just one of the most common myths. But it simply is not true.

Most Common Myths

11. 34B Is An Average Size Bra

It is just impossible to have an average size of anything. Everyone is different, and women also vary in shape and size. So, don’t go behind an average size and just feel perfect the way you are in reality.

Most Common Myths

12. You Should Wash Your Bra In Woolite

This is again one of the most common myths that you should wash your bras in Woolite but it breaks down the elastic of the band holding the bra safely and securely in place.

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