10 Highly UNUSUAL Jobs people have in India!

Jobs are a part and parcel of life, driving our living in life! We usually tend to feel life becomes monotonous and boring with the same old routine of getting up early and going to jobs! However dissatisfied we are from our jobs, our jobs certainly are better than these unusual jobs that people have in India! Here’s a list of such unusual jobs which neither can we think of doing nor can we think of their existence! Details here:

  1. Ear Cleaner

Though the profession is becoming extinct, you might find professional ear cleaners sitting outside an old monument or on a local street! They use sharp steel needle, a wad of cotton and a pincer as their tools!

2. Corpse Photographers

Taking the pictures of the departed at the Burning Ghats in Varanasi is a profession! The people who go there to perform the last rites of the departed pay the photographers for this! A photographer there earns rs. 1500 to Rs. 2500 a day!

3. Genealogist

These people who dig up your history, who were your ancestors upto atleast 10 generations! Also known as ‘Pandas’, they mostly are found in Haridwar and they maintain and updates the family trees of some families!

4. Mustachioed Doormen

At royal restaurants, these mustachioed doormen are seen flaunting their luxuriant mustaches and beards!

5. Roadside Dentist

Here’s one more shocking one amongst the unusual jobs! These ancient orthodontists are often seen in the bylanes of India. They do filling, cleaning and all that a regular dentist does! But, without an anesthesis!!

6. Human Scarecrow

Another Hilarious on amongst these jobs! Scarecrows are made in the fields to scare away birds from spoiling the crop! Human Scarecrows do the same at private properties, palaces and estates! They stand with a red flag with a pigeon crossed to depict their job!

7. Professional Mourners

These are people who are paid to cry! Also known as Rudalis, they wear black clothes, and are found mostly in Rajasthan! This practice has been followed for ages and is still being followed!

8. Pet Food Taster

The Pet Food tasters heck the nutritionally value of the pet food and also make sure it tastes good!

9. Ball Inspector

This again is a tempting but an unusual job! These people are responsible for checking the balls that are used in International Cricket!

10. Water Slides and Ride Tester

One of the most dangerous jobs! Before the water slides and rides are opened for public, there are people who test it!

Strange these jobs are and courageous the people with these jobs are!!

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