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10 Best Things To Remember About Bollywood Comedian Razak Khan

Bollywood comedian Razak Khan has lived all his life to entertain his fans with his rib-tickling comedy. He has died lately with a cardiac arrest in Mumbai but he will always be remembered for his special comic roles in the Bollywood Movies. You might not be knowing him with his good name Razak Khan but I bet that you will start smiling to see him. Yes, he has always put an extra bit of effort to make you smile at any cost. He made you laugh with his funny role of ‘Ninja Chacha’ in Salman Khan starrer ‘Hello Brother’.


We have ensemble a list of top 10 things that you really need to know about this soulful man ‘Razak Khan’:

  1. Razak Khan has started his career In Bollywood with ‘Roop Ki Raani Choro Ka Raja’ in 1993. Take a look at this scene from the movie. You can easily recognize him at the right side of the screen. In the starting career he has mostly played negative roles.


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