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Vidya Balan Will NOT Work With Her Hubby!!


Vidya Balan is articulate and honest, during promotions of her upcoming film ‘Te3n’, Vidya made a startling revelation. The actress said how she and her husband (producer Siddharth Roy Kapur) have decided to not work with each other. She stated, “We avoid working on the same films as I think it’s healthier for our marriage. I could lose out on good work because of this decision but humari zindagi bhar ki jo film hai uske liye yeh tyaag dena zaroori hai.”


When probed further, she adds, “I find it amazing when couples say that they work together. Siddarth and I prefer not to mix our personal and professional lives. If we work together, there will be no difference between our home and workplace. When we discuss a common thing, we will have a difference of opinion and it could get difficult. We do talk about work at home but just a little and as long as it’s not involving the two of us. Then we are safe. Thankfully we have never been in that situation. I feel it’s healthier not to work together if you can afford it.”


So looks like this is the secret behind Vidya’s successful marriage!!

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