Vaani Kapoor Takes Responsibility Of Befikre’s Faliure At Box Office

The end of December 2016 saw the release of to Blockbuster film Dangal that rocked the box-office like never before, and then we also saw the release of Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor starrer Befikre. The movie got a lot of buzz with the kissing scenes and bold sequences – and not to forget the famous Ranveer Singh’s nude butt in the movie that made every girl go gaga over him (#sarcasm). Even after all that, this movie fails to lure the audience at the cinema halls and the box-office numbers were also disappointing. In the latest interview, Vaani Kapoor says that she takes the responsibility of the failure of Befikre.

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In this movie, we have witnessed a bold chemistry between Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor. The movie has a bold concept and has being pictured in France. This is one of the most underrated movies of Yash Raj Films. After a hiatus of 8 years, Aditya Chopra has helmed the chair of the director but wasn’t able to gave a Box-Office hit with this flick. Vaani Kapoor has been made fun of through internet memes and trolls of her plastic surgery and that how she has ruined her face by going under the knife. Even though it’s not Vaani Kapoor’s fault for the movie’s failure but she is taking this failure personally.

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