Uttaran Actress Tinaa Dattaa Molested In A Flight!

Popular Television Actress Tinaa Dattaa, who is known for her popular show Uttaran, has being molested in a domestic flight. This shocking news has been revealed by the actress herself, as she didn’t got the proper response from the flight crew members. She complained them about this molestation, but according to her; they didn’t taken any serious action against him.

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This has really hurt the actress in a big way. She took to facebook and revealed the whole incident about her flight incident. She said, “YESTERDAY morning I was travelling to Rajkot with Jet Airways 9W 7001, departure time 10:25am from Mumbai. I have experienced a horrible experience which I would like to narrate and go viral about it. I boarded my flight and was allotted seat no 30A and my manager was seated on 30C, we were discussing some work related topic when suddenly I felt that someone was trying to sneak their hands through the sides. A passenger seated on seat 31A by the name of Rajesh tried to fiddle with me and started touching me inappropriately, at first I thought it’s a kid but when I turned behind I was horrified to see it was a full grown man, I yelled at him and he was stammering and was ashamed and apologised. I called for the air hostess Ms. Pooja & Mr. Abhijeet to intervene in the matter, but they were not at all helpful instead they had the audacity to tell me such things happen and they will change the mans seat.”

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She also added, “I demanded for the man to be deported but I was told that I should also deport to file a complaint. I demanded to speak to the captain after much persuasion was I allowed to speak to him, Mr. Jagjeevan Singh was not friendly his reaction was one of a disgusted person, his reply to the whole matter was, before take off they are not responsible for anything that happens post take off they would take responsibility.”

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