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Unknown interesting facts about Fan Movie, 14 unique facts that all his Jabra Fans should know!

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One of the most awaited film of Shah Rukh Khan ‘Fan’ is finally released. The film is already getting a rave response from fans at the Box-office. Starring SRK in the dual role, high-octane action sequences, Intriguing plot and intense performance. This film has everything in it for all his Jabra fans. Interestingly, there is a lot more unique and fun things happened during the days of shooting and prior to its release on April 15.

Here we have gathered 14 Interesting facts that every SRK’s ‘Fan’ must know.

  1. Fan was delayed twice because of SRK’s knee injury and VFX issues.

Fan which was initially slated for release in early 2015, was delayed. SRK has completed Fan before Dilwale and Raees but due to his knee injury problem it got delayed. The other reason for delayed is the post production work of VFX which took more time than expected.


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