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Twitterati Wrath: KRK Wants That Modi Should Consider Rs 500 And 1000 Notes Valid At Bars!

Kamaal Rashid Khan is also being named as the controversy king of Bollywood. He always does some or other things to be in the limelight and this time too he hit the right spot. Without even considering the outcome of it, he targeted Narendra Modi’s demonetization decision. This is not all, he also urges Modi to think of validating Rs 500 And 1000 Notes At Bars.

krk-1 KRK, who first welcomed the decision of Narendra Modi, takes a complete u-turn and wants that Modi should resign from the post. Apart from this tweets, he went a step ahead and wishes that Modi should consider the idea of validating the Rs 500 And 1000 currency in Bars.

krk-2 Though he is famous on social media but mostly for the wrong reasons. Most of his tweets are controversial or biased. This time to his tweet was seriously targeting the Modi Government.

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