Top 5 Reasons To Watch Star Trek Beyond

Hollywood latest release ‘Star Trek Beyond’ is yet another masterpiece flick from the director Justin Lin. Justin Lin, who is well-known director of “The Fast and the Furious” franchise, has come up with something extraordinary in the all new space saga movie ‘Star Trek Beyond’. Produced by renowned film producer J.J. Abrams, the film is written by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung.

Here’s we have ensemble the top 5 reasons to watch Star Trek Beyond:

  1. Positive Critics’ Reviews

 5-Star Across the world, the critics have been praising ‘Star Trek Beyond’ movie for its perfect star cast and creative narration. This film did justify the glory of Star Trek Franchise which has competed for 50 years in history. The film got fresh approval ratings of 93 % which is a clear sign that it has been positively received by critics. Even on IMDB, the film holds 7.9 rating which is a good rating if we compare to other ‘Star Trek’ movies.

  1. Written By Simon Pegg And Doug Jung


Simon Pegg is one of the creative artists in the Hollywood filmdom. He not only give a memorable performance in movies but also have a long list of successful movies that he had either written or produced. Simon Pegg, who is playing ‘Scotty’ in this movie, makes sure that his written product must be intriguing. He along with Doug Jung did a commendable job to come up with the ‘Star Trek’ movie script.

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