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Top 10 Favorite Dishes Of Bollywood Celebrities They Love To Eat

Do the Bollywood celebrities eat food just like we do? Of course yes, they are also human beings like us. Not just a low-calorie, flavorless versions of boiled vegetables, but also food loaded with oil and fats are favored by B-town divas.

Bollywood stars are usually weight conscious and always take the best care of their looks and appearances.  Those washboard abs and chick figures are not a result of dieting alone. These celebrities eat whatever food they like. Well, you can even cast aside the idea of a “magic pill to stay in the perfect form”. A hungry stomach can make anyone desperate for his or her favorite food. Well, you can join a gym later on to get the original shape of your body *Blinks*

The main point is, celebrities love to eat the food they like, they are actually gourmand! Don’t you believe us? Read on favorite dishes of Bollywood celebrities they like the best.

1. Amitabh Bachchan

Let’s start our journey of favorite dishes of Bollywood celebrities with Big B. Sir Bachchan is absolutely punctual at work; he is famous for the punctuality in the B-town world. It is said that he himself open the gates of Filmistan studio sometimes, whenever he is having schedule for a shoot. Wow! Well, being a North Indian, Big B relishes over Bhindi ki Sabzi and Moong ki daal in his meals above all the other spicy dishes. In reality, these are the dishes that Big B prefers in his shoots… Simple Living and high thinking indeed!

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