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Hilarious Appearances Of Bollywood Stars If They Were Common People Like Us

Would you imagine Bollywood stars in an ordinary look just like the common people like us? It is absolutely impossible for the B-Town celebrities to come out of their perfect superimposed make-up. How do these celebrities look if they were just a common human being? Have a look!

We have always admired Bollywood stars in the stylish and elegant attire with sheer make up layers which adds glamour to their look and appearances. The celebrities are seen in extremely high-profile gorgeous look for the parties and at any events. But what if this beautiful, charismatic look disappears? What if these celebrities were just average people like us? Check out the funny collages of B-town celebrities in their ordinary look with absolutely no makeup.

Salman Khan

The Dabangg star is in his 40s right now and you can still see him energetic and handsome, credits to his hard-work in a gym and enthusiastic body training sessions. Now imagine Salman Khan as an ordinary man, OMG! Well, Thanks to some of the adept fine-tuning software where we can foresee Salman Khan into a thin body with a bald look and in white khadi attire. It really makes him look funny and it could be true if there were no gyms in the world!

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