Top 10 Controversies of Bollywood in 2016!

1. Aamir’s Dangal Body

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Aamir Khan’s Dangal ran into controversies before and after its release. Just before the release of the film, a Fat to Fit video of Aamir Khan putting on weight and then shedding it in six months achieving an unbelievable six packs was released on the net and went viral. In an interview to a news portal, Ranveer Allabadia, a fitness expert said that this was next to impossible and what Aamir is not revealing is the amount of steroids he has used to achieve this. “It takes six years to shed off 97 kilos and achieve those six packs. At 51 it is even tougher because testosterone levels drop,” said Ranveer. Dangal deals with the journey of wrestler Mahavir Phogat and his daughters Geet and Babita who become wrestling champs. The real-life coach of the girls PR Sondhi, who has been portrayed as PR Kadam in the film is upset about the way the film has twisted facts. He alleges, “The film shows I locked up Mahavir in a room. Something like that never happened. I am upset that they show the character of the coach in such poor light.”

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