THESE teens running the Menstrual Hygiene Campaign in Chandigarh are incredible!

Inspired by Akshay Kumar’s movie Padman, two teen girls in Chandigarh have started a campaign named “spot-free”, working upon the Menstrual Hygiene! These girls have been making sanitary pads and distributing them for free amongst the underprivileged girls and women in Chandigarh!

The names of these two girls are Jaanvi Singh and Laavanya jain! Jaanvi Singh is 17 years old while Laavanya Jain is 17 years old and the duo has taken up a great job, understanding their role in giving back something to the society!

The two make sanitary pads themselves and each of such pad costs them Rs. 2! They give these pads for free to the girls and women who cannot afford to buy it! Along with this, they make these girls and women aware of the ways of living a healthy life and inspire them to lead one! The two also give them sessions over Menstrual Hygiene!

Talking about their venture, Jaanvi Singh said, “After watching padman, we thought we should buy pads and distribute it to women who can’t afford it. But the cost was too much and that’s why we decided to make them ourselves.” The girl further added, “Each pad made by us costs Rs. 2. I will try to teach it to students at my board school.”

These girls make a pack of 10 sanitary pads and distribute them in a paper package avoiding the use of plastic bags!

Their work is truly inspirational and does motivate each one of us to take up the responsibility and contribute as much and however we can to the betterment of our society!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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